About Us

Why Steel, Why Oak, How can two opposite materials be put together? It's because of their strength, their grit. They're strong like the people who wear them. 

Steel buildings support the weight of the world on their shoulders (sounds like someone we know) If humans disappeared tomorrow, those buildings aren't going anywhere for a long time. They have endurance. 

Oak trees have been through everything. Intense fires, wind so strong it is throwing cars, lightning storms that would make The Flash tremble, but hundreds of years later, that sturdy, reliable Oak tree is still standing.

Our watches are inspired by strong, resilient humans. Real humans that have been through tragedy, and came out swinging. Humans who didn't have it easy, but were fighters. Humans with Moxy, Courage, and despite the odds, are successful. When hit with life and everything but the kitchen sink. They're Still Standing.